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Security Training
Information Technology growing fast. Juxtaposition with that pace, competent professional is needed. They are expected to have some level of expertise to handle corporate needs.

ITPro provide "Securing the e-Business Infrastructure training series" to share our knowledge with your professional. The objective of the training is to provide information system training services for IT professionals with various techniques and concepts of IT-related aspects so that it can help them to accelerate their learning process mastering a particular Information System Security technology and concept.

"Securing the e-Business Infrastructure training series" consist of some independent training, focus on Information System Security.

Training available in "Securing the e-Business Infrastructure training series" are:
- Enterprise Security Concept
- Securing Windows NT Infrastructure
- Windows 2000 Security
- Unix/Linux Security and Hardening Methodologies
- Network Intrusion Analysis
- Cryptography, VPN, PKI, CA
- Firewall Concept & Access Control
- Understanding and Implementing ISO 17799

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