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Check Point ABRA
Check Point Abra.
Check Point Abra puts your office in your pocket, with a secure virtual workspace that changes the way mobile users work. Abra instantly turns any PC into your own corporate desktop, allowing users to access files and applications anywhere, anytime—without the weight of bulky laptops or work files. Its plug-and-play USB form factor allows users to easily launch a virtual workspace that keeps mobile data secure by segregating the virtual workspace from the host PC. And, built-in encryption protects data while working or traveling. Users can work offline from the encrypted USB drive or online using Abra’s integrated VPN client.
Here's our partners :
     Cisco System
PT ITPro Citra Indonesia

ITPro: CheckPoint and SourceFire Technology.


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or call: 021 - 534 0880

We are very proud to announce that we have been honored as a Silver Partner from Check Point and Expert Partner from Watchguard.

We are providing end to end/wide range of IT Security products and solutions from major leading IT security vendors in the world. Some of the products/solutions which have been implemented in our customers such as Firewall Systems, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Authentication Systems, Encryption Solution, High Availability Solution, Encryption Solution, Bandwidth Management, and Content Filtering and virus scanner.

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